Venue Information

Conference venue

The conference will be held at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light:
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
Staudtstr. 2
91058 Erlangen

How to get to the Conference venue

By public transportation

The Institute can be easily reached from the hotel by bus.

The bus station Erlangen Martin-Luther Platz is 4 minutes on foot from your hotel.

From Erlangen Martin-Luther Platz you can either take bus number 287 direction Erlangen Sebaldussiedlung and get out at Erlangen Sebaldussiedlung (final station). From there it is 6 minutes on foot to the Institute. 

Or you can take from Erlangen Martin-Luther Platz bus number 293 direction Bruck Bahnhof and get out at Erlangen Fridericianum. From there it is 6 minutes on foot to the Institute. 

Alternatively, you can walk to the bus station Arcaden (the way is shown here) and take bus number 20 direction Nürnberg Am Wegfeld and get out at Erlangen Staudtstraße. From ther it is 6 minutes on foot to the Institute.

The map below shows an overview of the 3 bus stations surrounding our Institute (Sebaldussiedlung, Fridericianum, Staudtstraße):

For further connections please use the VGN arrival and departure information service.

To check or book all connections within Germany, specially from Nuremberg to Erlangen, it is quite convenient to use the Deutsche Bahn online service at One can also download its official app for android, iOS or Windows smart devices!

By car

Autobahn A3 Frankfurt-Nuremberg, exit Tennenlohe, then Bundesstraße B4 (main road) direction Erlangen (north bound) exit Gräfenberg/Universität Südgelände. Take the roundabout traffics second exit and turn into Kurt-Schumacher-Straße. Keep straight till you reach the traffic lights, then turn left into Staudtstraße. At the end of Staudtstraße you`ll reach the Institute including the parking lots.

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